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Posted by Steve in ID on October 09, 02 at 13:35:42:

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There are no drips on any of the driveshafts I've dropped...not sure autotrac ii fluid gets that far back. I'd suppose that if anti-seize were to mix with the fluid, so would gm's teflon grease. Not to say that anti-seize is superior, just saying that with 50K re-greasings, it works. Later fix from gm after the grease was to change to autotrac ii fluid in the case, and their final fix is a nickel plated driveshaft yoke.

I switched to the new fluid when it became available, not going to the nickel yoke as clunking is gone. If you're looking for grease with a high percentage of tfe & don't want gm's, the only thing I could suggest (and I have not tried it in this application) is Tetra grease, commonly used for firearms. Available on the web & perhaps at your local gunstore, if you have one.


: What keeps the Anti-Seize from slowly mixing into the transfer case fluid? Or does it matter?

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