TSB 99-05-24-001: How to gain dealer support under Warranty?

Posted by PeteL on November 02, 19100 at 18:08:03:

This is the proportioning valve and Durastop shoe TSB.

I began my case to my favorite dealer today. These guys are good folks, and the suggestion of Jeff Koop prices have given me his deal (w/o shipping) on any jobs I have asked them to do in the last 3 months or so (I screwed up on the turn signal on the Tahoe). Anyway they are ready to deal, and the service staff is (so far) competent.

A new writer that I have not met, argued that shoes were not under warranty. I suggested that the point is not the shoes, but rather the proportion of brake effectiveness from front to back; the shoes as well as the new proportioning valve are the correction of an incorrect factory setup, corrected by the TSB. Therefore this is a correction of an improper factory setup that requires correction to the new factory specs. As I submitted this request in writting, I am suprised that I would face resistance as I would suspect that GM would have some libiltiy in the advent of a failure that lead to loss. Just my personal and Oldguy opinion.

Any pointers to ge this job implemented under factory warranty?


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